Chicken Asparagus Quiche

This week we resumed our Wednesday night Breakfast-for-Dinner ritual.  We’re trying to get back into many of the routines that were forgotten over summer vacation. I decided to adapt one of Mom’s quiche recipes.  My kids have loved all the other egg-based dishes I’ve made (calling them egg pies) so, I figured I’d experiment with a Chicken Asparagus Quiche.

This quiche dish is very easy to create and contains some short cuts to appeal to any hard-pressed parent trying to get a quick meal on the table.  Rather than cooking chicken, just buy rotisserie chicken.  And, instead of making a pie crust, just buy one that’s ready-made pie crust. You’ll significantly reduce your amount of prep time.

I knew my only challenge would be the asparagus.

Fresh asparagus ready to be chopped

But, I loved the fact that most of the veggie would be hidden under layers and layers of chopped chicken, eggs, and generous amounts of shredded cheese.

After only 15 minutes of prep time, the pie shell was filled with its contents and ready for baking.

The finished product smelled like an amazing cheese soufflé and looked like a perfect self-contained meal.  I smiled, knowing this dish would be a home run.

Au contraire.

Within seconds of taking their first bites, both kids proclaimed (almost in unison), that they “liked the other one better.” This statement is referring to the Caramelized Onion Quiche.

I scratched my head quizzically while thinking there’s no way they could’ve liked that one more.  This quiche contained fresh rotisserie chicken, not one but two different varieties of shredded cheese, lots of eggs, and half and half.

AH, the asparagus!!!  The asparagus.  That was the deal-breaker.

Both kids ate a tiny piece of the veggie in their first bite and their faces immediately crinkled up like Cabbage Patch dolls.

Lucky for me the asparagus was easy to pick out and they kids were on their way to finishing their pieces.

While neither kid accepted the generously-offered second slice, my son did tell me that it would probably taste better next time around with sautéed broccoli.

Fine by me.

When it involves vegetable suggestions, I’ll take cooking requests from my kids any day!


  1. Looks so tempting. Too Yummmy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀


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