Kinetic Go Green 14 Piece Food Storage Container Set & Book Giveaway


kinetic go green container set

After attending the Family Dinner Conference last week at New York University, I was even more motivated to continue my quest to serve home cooked meals for dinnertime.

But, I can’t argue, it’s hard work and sometimes a huge pain.

And, even though I meal plan for the week on Sunday evenings, there are many days where I just don’t feel like cooking from scratch.

At these frustrating moments,  my freezer plays a starring role.  Yes, I’ve learned to actually use my freezer to store dinner left overs rather than collect boxes of frozen pizzas and ice packs for injuries.

I actually know what’s available in my freezer because my food items are properly stored and LABELED.  How many times have you put something in tin foil and thrown it into your frozen abyss only to discover it months later with no clue as to the contents?

Yesterday I knew I wouldn’t be back home until at least 6:00pm.  As I was perusing the contents of the freezer in the morning for some meal inspiration, I took out the extra pesto sauce batch I made last month. I moved the frozen peas to the fridge and I found a full canister of elbow pasta…. A dinner dish was born.

Mom was lucky, she had the space for an extra full-sized freezer that was always jam packed with left overs.  However, everything was hastily wrapped in tin foil with no labels.  Needless to say, she was the only person who could navigate her way through the shelves as though she were on a scavenger hunt.

Make your freezer your friend.  You can start by organizing your food in storage containers.

Giveaway Details:

One (1) lucky winner will receive a Kinetic Go Green 14- Piece Food Storage Container Set

  • Micro-particles of antimicrobial silver are infused into the polyproylene to protect the containers against mold, fungus and other microorganisms.
  • Pateneted silicone gasket locking system and impermeable polypropylene containers keep out oxidizing
  • Spillproof and shatterproof
  • Dishwasher, microwave, freezer and refrigerator safe
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

easy freezer meals

and a copy of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Easy Freezer Meals containing

  • Over 120 delicious, unique and easy to prepare recipes
  • Great cooking tips designed to help the home cook
  • Flexible menu planning from a weekend to a full month

How to Enter

To enter to win, simply leave a comment in the post letting telling me what you’d cook and store in your new containers. That’s it! You’re entered to win!

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The Fine Print

Deadline: Monday, April 29th 2012 at 11:59pm EST.

Winner: A winner will be chosen at random using and announced at the top of this post. The winner will also be notified via email and the My Judy the Foodie fan page on Facebook; if the winner does not respond within 24 hours, another winner will be selected.



  1. I love freezing meals ahead! Soup, lasagna, casseroles, etc. I also love freezing fresh produce for future use. This year we plan to grow much more of our own food. I’m anticipating eggplant, zucchini, and tomatoes in abundance. Would love to freeze some in these beautiful containers!

  2. Sauce … tomato, bolognese …. braised short rib. There will always be sauce …

  3. like you on FB

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  5. love your Pins 😉

  6. Melissa Witte says:

    I would freezer cook many things and I would also prep my weekly food (lunches/dinners) in them.

  7. Melissa Witte says:

    I follow you on facebook

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  9. Tracy Carter says:

    I need to make better use of my freezer too!

  10. I’d freeze pantry stuff and meals in the freezer!

  11. I follow you on facebook.

  12. I would love to try freezing lasagna, but definitely sauces. Pesto,Tomato,Alfredo..yum!

  13. I would make some energy balls.

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  16. Hi Shari! I would love these glass containers for storing soups and chili for quick nutritious homemade meals! Thanks! Ava

  17. I also follow you on Facebook!

  18. I would take the opportunity to try some new freezable recipes. Tired of the same old lasagna and chili!

  19. I’m lucky if I get home before 7pm and having an 11 year boy waiting means that many time I need to have frozen homed cooked meals ready to heat up. I often freeze spaghetti sauce, pesto, chili, pasta dishes. Tried freezing beans once – they were just too mushy, not sure what happened. I normally use the freezer bags and do indeed write on them. I also separate steaks when I buy them and put into freezer bags.

  20. I have only recently begun to realize the joy of freezing food. I would use these fabulous containers to store leftovers (chili, stew, lasagne, rice dishes, etc.) and chicken stock. Labeling is nice, but being able to see the contents is a big help, too.

    Believe it or not, I actually keep a magnetized pad on my fridge, and every time I put something into the freezer, I write it down, then I cross it off when it’s taken out. This helps in many ways, and ensures that the oldest items get used first if there are multiple batches in the freezer.

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  25. I would make chili.

  26. I like to cook extra servings of casseroles, soups, pasta dishes, etc. so I can freeze some for lunches.

  27. I already subscribe to your RSS in Google Reader (Amy L)

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  30. Ellen W. says:

    I want to cook and freeze ahead.

  31. Ellen W. says:

    I follow you on Twitter.

  32. barbara n says:

    I love to make big pots of soup and stew….since there are just 2 of us, I freeze some for later. Would really like to win this food container storage set!

  33. barbara n says:

    I am an email subscriber to my judy the foodie

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  35. Samantha C. says:

    I would love to cook and store Chicken Marsala!

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    I like you on FB.

  38. Liz Blunt says:

    I would cook & store my favorite lamb stew!!

  39. Stefanie Gladden says:

    I would make fruit & vegetable bowls & store them in these containers!

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  44. Meghan Finley says:

    I’d make casseroles and lasagnas

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  48. I’m a subscriber!

  49. mom2dagny says:

    I could really use some freezer organization, not my specialty! I’d freeze some lentil burgers, sauces, maybe some pancakes…ahh the time savings!

  50. mom2dagny says:

    I subscribed to your RSS.

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    I’m a FB fan!

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  53. Anything other than lasagna! Soups, stews…

  54. I think I would put some chili and also some chicken noodle soup up. I like them frozen, so they are ready for a quick meal when working…not sure of the size, but also some frozen corn for other meals, like a big pot of green beans, with a bit of corn added! Already a facebook fan….Thanks!

  55. also following you on pinterest!

  56. Alie Rodriguez says:

    I would freeze breakfast burritos, sauces, fruit, and a lot of other things. I would love to win this giveaway!

  57. Alie Rodriguez says:

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  59. Diane Russo says:

    homemade tomato sauce

  60. Tomato sauce, beef stew, and stock.

  61. Followed you on facebook.

  62. I would start cooking all of the recipes you share Judy – and I would then be able to freeze and share with my daughter, son-in-law and my 18 month old grandson.

  63. I follow you on Twitter

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  65. I am a big fan and subscriber

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