Matzoh Brei (Omelette)

matzoh Brei

To be honest, Passover can get old fairly quickly.  For my kids, it’s a struggle to find foods that they are “allowed” to eat on this holiday.  My daughter has compromised. She’s decided she just won’t eat bread.  However, my son is devout.  He’s reading the ingredient labels in his foods to make sure he’s not “breaking Passover.”   It seems for me, the most challenging meal to prepare is our carb-laden breakfasts.  The idea of eating matzoh for breakfast and school lunch for eight days seems daunting for a kid.  One of my favorite recipes of mom’s is her Matzoh Brei.

I remember I’d watch her preparing this dish the weekend of Passover with a huge sigh of relief.  It’s one of my favorite dishes (outside of the Matzoh Kugel).  If your family likes eggs and matzoh and cinnamon and sugar, you’re in luck.  This dish is part sweet, part savory, with just the right amount of soft crunch.  I’d recommend using egg matzoh or onion matzoh for the base and feel free to add in apple slices and any other dried fruit.




  1. My kids love fried matzoh and I make it frequently on weekends for breakfast. I find the trick to flipping the large omelette (I generally triple your recipe) without breaking is to slide it onto a plate (paper is easiest) after the first side has cooked, then invert the pan over the plate and flip them back over together. Or, simply flip the plate quickly back into the pan (aiming carefully!).

    • Josh Kirschner » glad to hear matzoh brei lives on in your household outside the 8 days of Passover. Thanks for the tip, I will try it! Do you have any interesting toppings for the Brei. We love jelly or cinnamon and sugar.

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