Stuffed Acorn Squash


We’ve got tons of pumpkins and gourds from the fall festivals we hit last weekend.  I find this time of year I get so excited to pick apples and pumpkins that’s while I’m in the moment, at the farm stands or roaming through the orchards, it’s fun.  Then, when I’m back at home, staring down the pumpkins and dozens of apples that definitely won’t get eaten (and subsequently take up too much room in my apartment kitchen) , I begin to stress.

Same goes for all of the beautiful fall vegetables that adorn all of the grocery stands along the streets. Without even giving it much of a thought, I fill my cart up with the squash and sweet potatoes— they’re vibrant colors lure me every time.

This year, I was determined to actually try to cook something new with my beautiful squash.  Luckily I had ear marked a recipe that looked too interesting to pass up.

If you’re looking for a hearty, entry-like dish, celebrating squash, you’re in luck with Stuffed Acorn Squash.  And, it comes in perfect single-serve portions.

This recipe is super tasty, and quite filling with the addition of the rice. It’s bursting with the juxtaposition of flavors from the mushrooms to the kale to the garlic.  Honestly, you could really add any saute of vegetables you desire.  Next time around I might try a ratatouille-like mixture of eggplant and tomato and onions.

It’s the perfect end to a cool fall day.  Go ahead, try it for yourself!




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