Judy’s Garlic Chicken

Mom’s Garlic Chicken was my all-time favorite dish for dinner.  Remember, the Banana-Chocolate Chip loaf was my favorite dessert. Are you starting to discover a pattern here? Of course I had to start my culinary expedition cooking meals that were my highlights.  That softens the blow a little bit, right?  I don’t consider this cheating but rather, like getting that long summer reading list from school and only starting with the books of interest.  If I could purchase the Cliff Notes for all of Mom’s recipes I would, but, since that’s not a … [Read more...]


Mom's recipe frenzy We all know Fridays can get a little crazy by the end of the day and the next thing we know, we’re halfway through Saturday morning without a plan.  Wouldn’t your transition from “work mode” to “weekend mode” become more seamless if you were armed with some new meal Judy’s suggestions?  It’s safe to say that sometimes, when someone does the thinking for you, things tend to seem easier? (Oh, by the way,  you are welcome to define Dry work and weekend mode however you … [Read more...]

Flank Steak with Dry Mustard Marinade

Mom made this dish all-the-time.   I remember my dad coming home for dinner – donned in his white physician’s lab coat – taking out the electric knife, and carefully slicing the meat masterpiece, like a surgeon making the first incision.  Mom would always stretch this meal out for as many days as possible.  The next few meals would consist of cold steak sandwiches, steak n’ eggs for brunch, steak for dinner.  The best part of this dish is the mystery marinade (heated or cold).  It preserves the steak’s flavor for at least another 3-4 … [Read more...]