Holiday Compost Cookies

Today I decided to recreate a COMPOST COOKIE recipe that was inspired by Christina Tosi, head pastry chef from celebrated Momofuku Milk Bar in NYC. I love Compost Cookies because no two cookies will ever taste the same.  As the baker, you can get as creative as you want with the ingredients. That’s right, you can literally use whatever you have on hand to develop your recipe.  I decided to make batches of the cookie using our favorite favorite snacks from the cupboard. As I started combining ingredients, I kept throwing in more – hence … [Read more...]

Momofuku Corn Cookies

photo courtesy of The Crepes of Wrath The cold weather plus 2 weeks of winter vacation has inspired me to bake.  I love basking in the warmth from a kitchen full of the sweet smells and heat wafting from a working oven. I was so inspired last week when I met Christina Tossi, head pastry chef of Momofuku Milk Bar, that I decided to recreate one of her celebrated cookie recipes: Corn Cookies.  And, lucky for me, Christina happily shares this recipe with her fans, unlike many other head chefs who keep many of their culinary creation close to … [Read more...]

Momofuku Milk Bar

Last week I shared the most amazing holiday experience with my son.  We were able to make cookies alongside famed Momofuku Milk Bar Pastry Chef Christina Tosi and her mother, Greta Miller, at the International Culinary Center in NYC. The afternoon, hosted by Chef Christina Tosi in collaboration with American Express, was a true holiday baking party. Guests heard intimate stories how Christina’s sweet tooth as an early child prompted her to start her own cookie empire just two years ago.  Today, Momofuku Milk Bar has grown into five bakeries … [Read more...]