Haroseth with Pear, Pecans and Figs

Haroseth is a chopped nut and fruit mixture served during the Passover seder.  It's usually eaten between two pieces of matzoh, to represent the mortar used by Jews in building palaces and pyramids of Egypt during their slavery. I simply cannot figure out why I eat this amazingly flavorful fruit dish only two days out of the entire year.  It should NOT only be designated for this holiday.  This year was my first attempt at making a haroseth recipe.  Like many other dishes I've tackled, once in the kitchen and confronted with the ingredients … [Read more...]

Passover: Tzimmes

Today I'm sharing a family Passover recipe from the archives of Susan Weikers Balaban.  Susan, like me, is a native of Baltimore, Maryland and grew up in a loving family.  Her mother, who just celebrated her 100th birthday,  enjoyed entertaining at home (like mine!). No doubt some of Susan's cooking skills and creative table ideas came from holiday gatherings and parties at home. From her mother's influence, entertaining family and friends has become her passion. Susan now authors a blog called The Creative Table where she shares her ideas for … [Read more...]

Passover: Chremsels

chrem·zel [krem-zuhl; Yiddish khrem-zuhl] noun, plural chremz·lach [kremz-luhk, -lahk; Yiddish khremz-luhkh, -lahkh]  Jewish Cookery. a flat cake made from matzo meal, topped or stuffed with a filling, as of ground meat or fruit and nuts. Also, chrem·sel. Today, Gloria Kobrin (www.kosherbygloria.com) shares with us another favorite family Passover recipe: Chremsels.  Here's what she has to say: This recipe has been handed down from my Great Great Grandmother Ida who was born in Russia. … [Read more...]