Passover: Haroseth with Pears, Pecans & Figs

This is the best haroseth recipe I've made (or eaten)- and I'm not biased!  Sometimes haroseth can be too nutty with not enough fruit flavor.  This particular recipe strikes the perfect balance. Every spring, when I find myself in the kitchen making a new batch of haroseth for the upcoming seder, I cannot figure out why I only eat this amazingly flavorful fruit dish only two days out of the entire year.  It should NOT only be designated for this holiday. Like many other dishes I’ve tackled, once in the kitchen and confronted with the … [Read more...]

Passover: Chocolate Covered Matzoh

I loved Passover as a child. To me, the holiday represented the most beautiful traditions of faith and family. At one point in time, our Passover Seder boasted 4-generations of family (sometimes upwards of 35 people) sitting around the festive table, singing, celebrating, questioning our Jewish heritage. The abundance Jewish holiday food was just as memorable as the meaningful dinnertime service. A week before the first night of Passover, Mom would begin the act of clearing the house of "Chametz" (bread and flour). And then, she'd start … [Read more...]