Fondue Set Giveaway


Does your Valentine’s Day plan involve any chocolate?

If not, it should.





Melt any of these chocolates down and pair it with a variety of foods and you’re in for a wonderfully decadent surprise.



Sliced Fruit.

Do you FONDUE?

If not, now you can!

We’re offering one lucky reader the opportunity to win a gorgeous Trudeau Copper Fondue set.

This 3-in-1 fondue contains a double-boiler insert that ensures even, scorch-free heating to keep your chocolate warm and always ready to be scooped up by cubes of fresh fruit, pound cake, pretzels, marshmallows, you name it. (OK, now we’re hungry!)

The Trudeau Lumina 3-in-1 copper-plated fondue set also comes with everything you need:


  • a 3-ply copper fondue pot with 67-ounce capacity
  • a ceramic double-boiler insert perfect for cheese and chocolate
  • six stainless steel forks with color coded tips
  • a stainless steel rack with notches for securing forks
  • a safety burner with cool touch handle and burner snuffer; and complete instructions with a recipe leaflet.
  • Gelled bottled burner fuel or capsules sold separately.
  • Also suitable for gas, electric, glass ceramic and halogen cook tops

This set is a gift that keeps on giving. Once you’ve mastered the melted chocolate you can try your hand at some cheese fondue– we like it with bread squares and meat.

So whether you have an intimate fondue date or a are looking to host dinner party fondue, you’re guaranteed to enjoy!

What are you waiting for?

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Copper-Plated Fondue Set Giveaway

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Valentine’s Sweetheart Bark

Sweetheart Bark is the ideal candy for anyone who has experienced the gamut of emotions on Valentine’s Day.

Maybe your most intense memories date all the way back to grade school when you exchanged those cheesy VDay cards in those makeshift paper bag mailboxes.

Or, maybe it was a Valentine’s Day you spent broken-hearted, alone, cursing the Hallmark holiday.

Or, perhaps it was a Valentine’s Day with your loved one, in a romantic place, sharing an unforgettable moment.

Or, maybe your most meaningful Valentine’s Day has been as a parent connecting with your children.

Whatever the sentiment, making Sweetheart Bark appeals to the masses:

If you’re angry or lonely or frustrated or jilted, crushing the candy hearts with the mallet on your kitchen table can prove to be very very cathartic.

If you’re happy and fulfilled you can rejoice in the sweet smelling milk and white chocolate as it slowly melts in your boiler.

If you’re sharing the day with your children, you will have a blast pouring the melted chocolate into the molds and dumping the crushed hearts over top.

This candy is kitschy, playful, fun, colorful, tasty and BEYOND easy to make.

With only 2 ingredients and 3 steps, you can’t pass this up!

Heart-shaped molds for bark

Molds filled with melted chocolate

Sweet hearts before

Smashed sweethearts

Valentine’s Day: Chocolate-Drizzled Kale Chips


Valentine’s Day is only a few days away so I’m already scheming for themed dishes.  My go to favorite snack is a sweet, tasty recipe combining two ingredients I love to eat: crunchy kale and bitter dark chocolate.  Yes, you heard me correctly… I make Chocolate Drizzled Kale Chips.

What’s wrong with taking a detour this Valentine’s Day?  Forget about those sweetheart conversation hearts and the endless heart-shaped boxes filled with meltable chocolate candies.  Make something for your loved ones that truly combines ingredients that directly serve your heart well. [Read more…]

How to Cook a Steak Without A Grill


Living in Manhattan, I often catch myself daydreaming about lazy summer nights cooking steak and vegetables on an outdoor grill.

I get hostile when I read through a recipe that opens with “prep your grill for cooking” because I, like the majority of city dwellers, don’t have the luxury of being able to simply walk out a back door and grill. That’s why I’m officially demystifying the notion that one needs a grill in order to cook a great steak.

The other day I decided to take the matters of meat in my own hands and cook a skirt steak inside my apartment. I choose skirt steak because it’s an easy cut of beef to cook in a pan. Not only does it cook quickly but, it’s also loaded with flavor.  Also, this particular cut is usually less than half the price of a good strip or rib eye steak (two cuts I’d probably reserve for a grill)!

After the meat purchase, the next step is to apply a marinade (liquid seasoning) or a dry rub. With skirt steaks your rub can be as simple as some salt and pepper or something more flavorful like cayenne pepper, soy soy sauce, garlic or ginger. For my meat, I decided to use a lime and cumin marinade. After allowing the meat to marinate for about ten minutes– the time it takes for the steak to come to room temperature – I was ready to cook.

There are three different ways you can choose to cook this cut of meat in a city kitchen (instructions via The City Cook):

Broiling — Broil the steaks about 5″ below the heat source/flame for 3 to 4 minutes a side.

Pan Sear Then Roast — Use a large fry pan or sauté pan, preferably not non-stick so that you can put the pan into a very hot oven. A regular pan will also produce better browning, leaving behind flavors in the pan that can be the basis of a simple sauce. Heat the pan to very hot. Add a couple of teaspoons of canola or olive oil (or if you want to gild the lily, melt a tablespoon of butter). Sauté the steak for 1 to 2 minutes a side, enough to get a good brown surface. Then put into a 400F oven for 5 to 7 minutes.

All Pan Sear — In a hot fry pan (again, preferably not non-stick), add a couple of teaspoons of canola or olive oil (or butter; see above). In this method, cook entirely on top of the stove; 3 minutes a side for rare and 4 minutes a side for medium rare. Baste with the hot oil/melted butter a couple of times on each side.

I decided to broil my steak in the oven and they were terrific.

It’s time for you to take a shot at cooking steaks indoors.  You will definitely be surprised.


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