Asian Chicken Pasta

Asian Chicken Pastapicture shown without broccoli

This past week I’ve been in a major time crunch as we were hosting a BIG EVENT.  So, the first thing that fell by the wayside was our dinners.  I just didn’t have the energy or time to deal. I was desperate for a dish that I could make quickly and leave for the kids and a sitter for when they got home.

While I’d admitted that I’m not a huge fan of serving pasta for dinner (because I have my suspicions that at least one of my kids might default to pasta for school lunch every day) this Asian Chicken Pasta dish is quite tasty, very easy and definitely filling.

The bold ginger and soy flavors make it reminiscent of Pad Thai dish and, although it uses some salad dressing, it tastes like it comes out of a five star restaurant.

So, whether you’re in a bind or not, this is a MUST TRY!



Rib Eye Steaks


It smelled like summertime in my apartment last week, and not because of the weather. I broiled Rib Eye steaks in the oven!  Yes, that’s right, there was no grill involved; it was my first time cooking a steak recipe, other than our celebrated Flank Steak recipe of Mom’s, indoors.

We’re still in awe at how easy it was to make and I’m not quite sure why it took me so long (my entire life)  to get up the courage to venture off the grill and into the oven for some steak.  With just some Worcestershire Sauce, garlic butter, herbs and brown sugar, you’ll be able to transform a raw piece of red meat to a deliciously sweet piece of steak.


Once it’s cooked to your liking, I simply sliced the steak in small pieces and served it alongside a tangy green salad.  Name your side this beef tastes terrific with anything.  Thumbs up all around.

You must try it for yourself but make sure not to leave out the brown sugar.  It helps the beef to brown but also adds a nice subtle hint of sweetness.

Carrot Chickpea Soup

carrotc hickpea

Thrilled to have resident soup expert, Serena– aka Seriously Soupy, with us to share one of her latest soup creations.  Serena has given soup tours and taught soup classes and boasts a catalog of over 100 homemade soups recipes.  With the change in weather, I asked Serena to focus on a recipe that compliments springtime…via color and flavor.

Here’s what Serena has to say:

Spring is a great way to experiment with lighter soups while also focusing on seasonal and fresh ingredients. During a recent trip to the local farmer’s market, I picked up a bunch of colorful carrots and parsnips which I thought would be a great combination for an earthy soup. To enhance it with additional nutritional benefits, I added in some chickpeas, sage, onions and garlic that made for a flavorful and filling soup. Enjoy.

Chicken Burgers

chicken burger

After going a full week with no bread (in observance of Passover), I decided tweak our celebrated turkey burger recipe and use chicken.  Remember that it’s unique in that it doesn’t integrate bread crumbs and ketchup to bind the meat together, but rather onion soup mix.

Again, what a difference.  Instead of bland, mealy burgers that require loads of toppings to acquire flavor, the new chicken burgers were moist and tasty with a little zing from the onion mix.  The omission of the bread crumbs improved the consistency ten-fold.

But, don’t worry, we made up for our bread deficit from the past week by eating the burgers with HUGE  buns!

Hope you enjoy making this simple recipe– it only take 20 minutes so it’s perfect for a any last minute fix.

PS – picture shown includes my fave (BBQ sauce)….

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