Bake it Happen 2015

October is always a tough month for me.

Not only is it my mom’s birthday month but, it was also the month she died.  In two weeks, it’ll be seven years since her death.

How coincidental that National Breast Cancer Awareness Month is also October.

This year, I’m beyond proud to announce the 3rd annual breast cancer cause-marketing campaign my sister and I created called: BAKE IT HAPPEN™.

The premise (like last year) is as simple as it is tasty and fun:

Just head over to Bake it Happen and sign up to receive Judy’s celebrated recipes: Earthquake Cookies, Black Bottom Cupcakes and Pumpkin Oatmeal Chip Cookies.

Then, all we want you to do is to bake them (put one of our logos on your packaging) and  share your tasty baked goods with everyone, everywhere:

  • at your child’s soccer game
  • at your board meeting
  • at church, at synagogue
  • at the gym
  • with your neighbors

Don’t forget to snap a photo of your Bake it Happen experience. It could be a picture of you baking, your kids baking, a picture of your baked goods, a picture of people enjoying your goods.

When you upload your picture to @Bake it Happen (our Facebook fan page) –or if you’re not on Facebook, you can email your picture to–you’re automatically entered in to win a brand new IPAD and a 3-months mini-of-the-month membership from Baked by Melissa.

But, don’t forget, it gets even better than that.

Every time your share your photos, $2  will be donated to our awesome campaign partner the Pink Pumpkin Patch Foundation!   The PPPF works with America’s pumpkin growers who have committed to giving a percentage of proceeds from every pink pumpkin sold this year to organizations involved in breast cancer research.

Last year Bake it Happen helped to raise $15,000 for the Pink Pumpkin Patch Foundation.  The money was then awarded as a grant to Dr. Eva McGhee of Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science. She will use this money to help continue her Precision medicine-translational research in genomics/genetetics.

We hope you’re inspired to help us Bake it Happen and spread the baking love throughout the month.

We promise you this campaign will be fun, tasty and rewarding at the same time.

So, what are you waiting for?

To get the recipes and more information, please visit our site: Bake it Happen!

Can’t wait to see what’s baking….


Apple Butter


I always loved going apple picking with my kids when they were toddlers.  It was a fall activity we wouldn’t miss once the bathing suits were packed away and the routine of school finally kicked in.

However, now that my kids are older, our weekends are jam-packed with sports and other social activities.  Sadly, for me, apply picking and pumpkin picking have moved away from the trees at the orchards and have moved to the farm stands dotting the New York City streets.

But, I’m always happy when I get freshly-picked apples direct from the orchard.  This past weekend, I received a bag full of Gala apples from a friend who went to an orchard in Long Island.

I found myself in my apartment staring down 5 pounds of apples and went about my first order of business- making Apple Butter!

Aside from the effort involved peeling, coring and cutting the apples (unless of course you buy apples already prepared), making apple butter is a non-event.  Your slow cooker does all the work.

You’ll need 10-11 hours of slow cooking so it’s best to plan to make the butter over night.  When you awaken you’ll be greeted to a kitchen wafting with the comforting smells of apples, sugar and spices.

My kids adore this sinfully sweet butter overtop fresh Challah bread. They also combine it with peanut butter.

Leftovers?  Place your Apple Butter in Ball jars as it freezes well and, makes thoughtful housewarming gifts.

Noodle Kugel for Yom Kippur

Back by popular Jewish demand,  enjoy  Mom”s two favorite Kugel recipes.

Whether you like sweet or very very sweet, I promise these two noodle-based recipes will steal the show at your holiday table.

And, you don’t have to be Jewish to adore them….all year long.

Warning:  you will definitely eat more than one piece….

Ford Warriors in Pink: The Good Days Project


So much pink washing takes place during the month of October.

Wasting money and time on pink nonsense doesn’t remotely save lives!

Do you think when a professional football player wears hot pink socks to a game, it directly translates to money donated to breast cancer related causes? Raising awareness and actually raising money are very different.

It’s so moving when I meet companies, as well as individuals, who work tirelessly on a mission to raising money for good causes. While I’m excited for the launch of our very own campaign Bake it Happen this October– which my sister and I created in 2013 to creatively generate money for breast cancer research through baking – today I want to focus on another impactful program.


Not many people know that Ford has been in the fight against breast cancer for over 21 years with the program, Warriors in Pink. I’ve recently been introduced to Aimee, a chosen Model of Courage for the Ford Motor Company, who is a breast cancer survivor, culinary school graduate and food blogger. While going through treatment, cooking became a form of meditation for Amy, the same way it was for my mother. In an effort to bring more good days, Aimee shares her passion for food and cooking by volunteering her time at Camp Sunshine (a camp in Maine for children with life-threatening illness and their families). In addition, with Ford Warriors in Pink, she’s also helping to spread the Good Days Project.

 The Good Days Project is a simple yet powerful effort to bring more good days to those living with breast cancer. Most cancer patients find themselves exhausted, overwhelmed and sometimes feeling alone, therefore categorizing their days by ‘good days’ and ‘bad days’. While many people want to help, most are unsure of the best way to show their support.

Warriors in Pink is focused on sharing options and resources that empower people to take real action to help lesson the burden for people with breast cancer. Through this program, Ford developed a partnership with the ride-hailing app Lyft, to provide free rides to and from breast cancer treatment centers in 17 cities around the country. They’ve also teamed up with Meal Train Plus, which allows friends and family to coordinate meal deliveries, errand services, childcare and more for a loved one living with breast cancer through a shared calendar.

warriors in pink bag

Each Good Days box is filled with:

  • custom scarf
  • easy-to-make recipes (from Aimee and Haven’s Kitchen)
  • food items (olive oil, candy, etc)
  • kitchen utensils–oven mitts and kitchen towels
  • custom-designed soothing playlists exclusively available on Spotify
  • $75 gift card for a massage
  • $15 iTunes gift card
  • $20 ride from Lyft
  • cool socks
  • handbook of ways to help provide support for breast cancer patients

On behalf of the Ford Motor company, I’m happy to pay it forward, by offering one lucky reader -who has been touched in some way by breast cancer-  an opportunity to receive a Good Day gift box.

To enter, simply leave a comment in this post as to how breast cancer has affected your life.

For more information on the Warriors in Pink Good Day campaign go to:


Disclaimer:  I was not compensated for writing this post.  I did receive a Warriors in Pink gift back for my own use as well as for giveaway purposes.  All opinions expressed in the post are, as always, my own.

Winner will be picked at random on 9/20/2015.




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