Passover: Chocolate Covered Matzoh

As a parent raising a Jewish family away from my hometown, I find myself feeling a little unglued and very melancholic.

I miss the chaos of the Seder meals from my youth– muli-generational, multi-family, songs, tall tales, etc…

I miss listening to my grandmother recite the prayers and my parents sing the holiday songs.

I miss the frenzy when we were allowed to finally get up from the table to search for the hidden pieces of matzoh (Afikomen) around the house.

These past few years, I feel so honored to have an all access pass to Mom’s celebrated Passover recipes I categorized in the “Jewish Judy” tab of the My Judy the Foodie binder.  I’m even more blessed to be able to continue the holiday tradition and host a Seder of my own for my children.

After all these years, Mom would certainly be proud knowing she’s still nourishing all of our souls….

Chocolate Covered Matzoh is a family favorite and [Read more…]

Soy Noodles


We’re gearing up for Passover in a week so that means that we’ve been plowing through some of the carbs that are in our pantry.  I usually don’t cook too many noodle dishes for dinner because I know that my kids probably default the spaghetti dishes at least two days out of the week. But, this dish is so tasty and easy to make, I knew it would be a homerun.

If you don’t have some of the ingredients in this recipe, that’s ok, I didn’t either.  The original recipe has Shaoxing wine which I left out.  And (gulp) use whatever thin noodles you want as I didn’t have Hong Kong-style egg noodles.  Bottom line, you certainly don’t need [Read more…]

Asparagus Egg and Bacon Salad with Dijon Vinaigrette

asparagus with egg

It’s spring and asparagus is in season!  Asparagus has been on my vegetable hit list for quite some time.

Both of my kids detest the vegetable so I’ve been desperately searching for one recipe that might, just might, make their eyebrows perk and their taste buds surrender.

Admittedly, I grew up eating very little asparagus— mainly steamed.  And, I didn’t like it either. So, the hunt was not only for my kids but, myself as well.

I finally hit the jackpot [Read more…]

Simple Herb Broth


Today’s soup recipe is a creation from resident soup master Serena, of Seriously Soupy fame.  Here’s what Serena has to say:

Recently, there has been a lot of news about the health benefits of bone broth and stock. While this type of broth/stock is rich in vitamins and nutrients, it is also not a favorable option for vegans and vegetarians. Also, as we are yearning for spring, many people like to enjoy a lighter and flavorful broth that is extracted from herbs and vegetables.

DSC_2911 herb broth

For this particular recipe, I used leeks, sage, scallions, thyme, dill, parsley and an onion to create a rich and flavorful stock. Made in under two hours, [Read more…]

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