Passover: Red Snapper Fillets

red snapper fillets

If you’re starting to focus on your menu for a Passover Seder, you can take a diversion from your traditional main dishes.  Aside from the ever-so-popular chicken dish, Brisket or Steak, have you ever considered serving fish with your matzoh kugel?

This recipe for Red Snapper Fillets (from Kosher by Gloria) is as refreshing as it is tasty.  And, with the crunch and sweetness of the plantains, you’ll be sure to win over your guests.  Don’t be fooled, this dish is terrific year-round too except, serving it on Passover might impress those expecting the off-the-shelf Friday night dinner entrees.

Also, the fact that the recipes doubles, triples, and quadruples easily makes it ideal for your growing (seder) table.

Enjoy — and remember you can substitute the Red Snapper with other white flaky fish too (Halibut, Grouper, etc)

Passover: Apple Matzoh Kugel

While Kugel has been a staple of Jewish cooking for centuries, this is only my second time baking Mom’s kugel recipe (definitely check out  Mom’s Noodle Pudding).

Served hot or cold- as a side, or, for the sweeter versions, as a dessert-most people characterize kugel as a type of casserole or pudding made from egg noodles or potatoes.  However, for Passover Mom I used matzoh for the main substitute.

I know you’re probably thinking there’s no way a bland, hard, cracker-like piece of matzoh [Read more…]

Passover: Chocolate Chip Mandel Bread

Most desserts that are kosher for Passover don’t seem that appealing.

How good could they be without flour and baking soda and baking powder?  To me, it’s the same as eating a pizza without the tomato sauce— you’re more aware of what’s missing than what you have.

There’s nothing appealing about this display- neither the sign, nor the flavorless treats in the boxes

However, one of my favorite Passover desserts is Chocolate Chip Mandel Bread. Maybe that’s because I’m also a lover of biscotti, the well-known Italian dessert, to which Mandel Bread is similar in looks, crispiness, and taste.

Mandel Bread in Yiddish literally means twice- baked almond bread.  It’s made by forming dough into a loaf, baking it, slicing the loaf into oblong cookies and baking again. Apparently these crunchy cookies were popular in Eastern Europe among Jews and merchants as a staple dessert that kept well.

Mom’s recipe is extremely easy to follow and only allows for 30 minutes baking time.  While many people like to add nuts or raisins to the mix, I play it safe and use [Read more…]

Passover: Chocolate Covered Matzoh

As a parent raising a Jewish family away from my hometown, I find myself feeling a little unglued and very melancholic.

I miss the chaos of the Seder meals from my youth– muli-generational, multi-family, songs, tall tales, etc…

I miss listening to my grandmother recite the prayers and my parents sing the holiday songs.

I miss the frenzy when we were allowed to finally get up from the table to search for the hidden pieces of matzoh (Afikomen) around the house.

These past few years, I feel so honored to have an all access pass to Mom’s celebrated Passover recipes I categorized in the “Jewish Judy” tab of the My Judy the Foodie binder.  I’m even more blessed to be able to continue the holiday tradition and host a Seder of my own for my children.

After all these years, Mom would certainly be proud knowing she’s still nourishing all of our souls….

Chocolate Covered Matzoh is a family favorite and [Read more…]

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