Pistachio Crusted Chicken w/ Raspberry Sauce

I will admit this post is a re-post from last summer.  However, this recipe is so good that it’s worth the spotlight again!  Definitely get it on your summer repertoire.

If you were to taste just one bite of the pistachio-crusted breast, you’d mistakenly think it’d taken hours of preparation.  Not so!  Not so!

Ever breaded a chicken cutlet before?  That’s essentially what you do to your chicken breasts but, instead of coating them with breadcrumbs, you’re covering them with ground pistachio nuts.

crushed pistachiosWhole Pistachios

Crushed Pistachios

The crushed pistachio nut layer renders the chicken breasts like unique fossils with bright green fragments.

And, once cooking and sizzling atop the ¼ “ of olive oil in the skillet pan, I knew I’d like this dish.

When the chicken was more than halfway cooked in the skillet, stick it in the oven to bake to completion.  While it’s baking, you can start concocting the raspberry sauce.

With just a couple tablespoonfuls of horseradish here, a bunch of squirts of soy sauce there, and two 10 oz. jars of raspberry jelly blobbed on top and you’re done creating the sweet jelly-like glaze for your chicken.

I still can’t decide which version of the chicken reigned supreme – with or without the sauce- because, honestly, it’s-just-that-good!

I’m not lying when I admit that I’ve eaten the chicken for the past three meals in the last two days.  It’s-just-that-good.

So, the next time you’re struggling to put a spin on your tried-and-true chicken routine, start by using crushed pistachios.

And, if you really want to WOW the crowd, top off your chicken with homemade raspberry, soy and horseradish sauce. The confluence of these two tastes is unbelievable.

If Mom were here, she’d be so thrilled knowing her daughters not only cooked together but, continued to satiate the hungry masses.

I know you will enjoy.


  1. I’m not a huge fan of nuts, but as I discovered with the recipe I’m sharing this week, Golden Beet Pilaf with Chicken and Goat Cheese, which is garnished with toasted almonds, never say never!

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