Best Appetizers for the New Year

  Appetizer season is upon us. With many highly-anticipated events on the horizon, I have found that an arsenal of finger food recipes is a necessity.  From New Year’s Eve to the Superbowl to the Grammy’s to the Academy Awards, chances are you’ll be hosting or attending some sort of party in the next few months. Whether an informal sports gathering or a fancy dinner party, I’ve put together another round up of our most favorite appetizers from the blog that are reliable crowd-pleasers! Oh, and, as a prerequisite, they’re EASY to … [Read more...]

Pomegranate Brie Pistachio Phyllo Cups

The next two weeks I'm taking a much-needed vacation with the family so, in my absence, I've lined up a plethora of carefully-curated recipes from some of my favorite food bloggers.  I promise, all of the recipes easy to make and contain ingredients that can be found in any stocked pantry or refrigerator. Enjoy! Today's recipe is from Lauren Kelly of Lauren Kelly Nutrition. Lauren is not only a certified nutritionist but also a celebrated cookbook author of 2 book: The Everything Wheat-Free Diet Cookbook and The Greek Yogurt Cookbook. … [Read more...]

Best TV Watching Appetizers

With many highly-anticipated television events on the horizon in the new year,  tasty finger food recipes are a necessity.  From the Superbowl to the Grammy’s to the Academy Awards, chances are you'll be hosting or attending a tv viewing party. Whether an informal sports gathering  or a fancy dinner party, these appetizers are reliable crowd pleasers!  Enjoy... Judy’s Baked Brie: A deliciously warm and sweet appetizer to compliment any party.  No one expects the "kick" provided by the honey mustard and ginger snap combination.  Mom … [Read more...]

Coming To “Terms” With Cooking

To be a non-cook perusing a neatly organized, highly styled cookbook with sleek food photos is one thing.  To be a non-cook staring at over 400 faded handwritten recipes strewn all over the floor is another.  This is where neighbours’ I found myself this past September – stuck within a pile of recipes.  A very daunting task lay before me.  Forget about thumbing through a book under the “appetizer” category, searching for Impossible the perfect dish to serve FRIDAY-FOOD-FRENZY to guests.  Forget about oogling at a picture of the most … [Read more...]