My Summer of Sweet ‘N Low

We’re in the last lazy, hazy days of August.  The kids are out of camp with no real schedule. The new school year looms upon us and I’m reflecting on summer 2011.  Without a doubt, my summers always feel like a total blur.  It seems like just yesterday I was checking off the items on my daughter’s packing list for her first journey to sleep away camp.  Now, I’m racing through stores, trying to get some back-to-school clothes for the kids while Halloween costumes adorn the walls. Sheesh, it’s so hard to live in the moment these days. Last … [Read more...]

A Peanut Butter Pie – In Memory of Mikey

I don't know Mikey. I have never met him. However, I have been following his wife Jennifer Perillo's  blog, In Jennie's Kitchen, for a while prior to launching MyJudytheFoodie. What I'm quickly learning about the blogging world is how you can feel so connected, so in sync with someone whom you've never physically met, just by consistently reading their posts.   Those that know Jennie personally, and those that simply follow her blog (like me), learned that Jennie's husband Mikey died unexpectedly of a heart attack.  He leaves behind … [Read more...]

Six Of One, Half Dozen of the Other

I used to rattle off this idiom all the time - until I started my cooking escapades.  Now it just pisses me off.   In its literal sense, the idiom is used to compare two things that are the same.  For the past 39 years of my life, I thought half of the items lurking behind my cabinet shelves and refrigerator door were all the same until I started paying attention to the ingredients in Mom’s recipes. It’s astounding how many varieties of salts and vinegar and oils I accumulated over the years.  Almost all of the bottles and boxes are … [Read more...]

Coming To “Terms” With Cooking

To be a non-cook perusing a neatly organized, highly styled cookbook with sleek food photos is one thing.  To be a non-cook staring at over 400 faded handwritten recipes strewn all over the floor is another.  This is where neighbours’ I found myself this past September – stuck within a pile of recipes.  A very daunting task lay before me.  Forget about thumbing through a book under the “appetizer” category, searching for Impossible the perfect dish to serve FRIDAY-FOOD-FRENZY to guests.  Forget about oogling at a picture of the most … [Read more...]