Best Appetizers for the New Year

  Appetizer season is upon us. With many highly-anticipated events on the horizon, I have found that an arsenal of finger food recipes is a necessity.  From New Year’s Eve to the Superbowl to the Grammy’s to the Academy Awards, chances are you’ll be hosting or attending some sort of party in the next few months. Whether an informal sports gathering or a fancy dinner party, I’ve put together another round up of our most favorite appetizers from the blog that are reliable crowd-pleasers! Oh, and, as a prerequisite, they’re EASY to … [Read more...]

Appetizers Perfect for TV Viewing

I'm working on a SuperBowl promotion with Wayfair to reveal tasty slow cooked appetizers to eat during the big game (that post is coming on MONDAY).  With many highly-anticipated television events on the horizon  quick and easy recipes are a necessity.  From the Superbowl to the Grammy’s to the Academy Awards, chances are you'll be hosting or attending a tv viewing party. I took a poll with my readers for their fave tv appetizers.  Here are just a few that ranked high that I have in.  They are always crowd pleasers! Enjoy... Judy’s … [Read more...]


What a fast week!   Time for Friday-Food-Frenzy. Today you get two recipes that will tingle your taste buds.  Judy’s Baked Brie is a deliciously sweet appetizer to compliment any dinner party (note, it’s a bit heavy for lunchtime, especially in the summer).  Believe me, no one expects the “kick” that comes with the cheese. It’s so unique tasting with the brie/mustard/ginger combination and, it’s incredibly easy to make! I guarantee you’ll be grinning like the Cheshire Cat with all the compliments you’ll receive. The Bean Salad should be a nice, … [Read more...]