Appetizers Perfect for TV Viewing

I’m working on a SuperBowl promotion with Wayfair to reveal tasty slow cooked appetizers to eat during the big game (that post is coming on MONDAY).  With many highly-anticipated television events on the horizon  quick and easy recipes are a necessity.  From the Superbowl to the Grammy’s to the Academy Awards, chances are you’ll be hosting or attending a tv viewing party.

I took a poll with my readers for their fave tv appetizers.  Here are just a few that ranked high that I have in.  They are always crowd pleasers!


Judy’s Baked Brie:

A deliciously warm and sweet appetizer to compliment any party.  No one expects the “kick” provided by the honey mustard and ginger snap combination.  Mom made this all the time and graduated from using little wheels of brie to one large wheel since it’s gobbled up so quickly.  You can also top the brie with anything from brown sugar to raspberry jam. This is served alone in little triangular pieces.

click here for brie recipe

Seven-Layer Dip:


Offer a big bag of tortilla chips to help scoop up all seven amazing layers of this dip.  There’s no heating or reheating involved, just add the layers and serve immediately.

click here for seven-layer dip recipe

Hot Crab Dip:

A must for all crab lovers! This dish tastes best if you splurge for the  lump crab meat versus imitation, pasteurized meat.   It’s best served very hot (until it’s literally bubbling in the oven) with crostini rounds and lots of Old Bay spice sprinkled on top. Bet you just can’t have one.

 click here for hot crab recipe

Broccoli Cheese Dip:

My family loves Mom’s broccoli casseroles so I figured this would be another hit. It’s brilliantly cheesy with just a mild hint of broccoli.  I served the dip with pieces of sliced fresh Italian bread and flat bread.


Spinach Artichoke Dip:

I’m amazed that this dip’s  muddled green color and the fact that it contains two vegetables were not deterrants for my kids.  Served hot with colorful tortilla chips, it’s fab!

What are your favorite tv appetizers (besides pigs n blankets and our guacamole)?


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