Banana Pudding

Face it.  No one wants to slave over the stove on a hot summer day.  This no-bake Banana Pudding will definitely satiate your hunger without heating up your kitchen. We took a much-needed mid-afternoon break from the blazing sun so we were thrilled to start concocting the Banana Pudding. My helper was an adorable 4.5 year old who approached the pudding creation with the precision of an art project. She blended and mixed and lined up the ingredients to create a beautiful masterpiece The recipe is as creamy as it is sweet.  Its … [Read more...]

Father’s Day : No Bake Cherry Cheesecake Pie

  It’s hard to stomach using the oven when the outside temperatures are starting to rise. That’s why any recipe that contains the words “No Bake” in the title should be your go to dessert, especially if you're hosting a party.  After much success with my No Bake Chocolate Pie, I’ve now come to learn that No Bake is synonymous with No Hassles too! It’s important to take advantage of cherries since they have a very short growing season–summer is their peak.  With so many bountiful farm stands in my neighborhood, it isn't hard to pick a … [Read more...]

Cherry Vanilla Bean Clafouti

Baking was my savior today. After having gone to one "Moving Up" ceremony for  kid, I found myself racing around my apartment kitchen,  scavenging for all the ingredients to recreate the Cherry Clafouti recipe that for some reason, always marks the end of the school year, and brings me much comfort. As my kids keep getting older (not me!) maybe baking is my way keeping them in my nest?  I still love nurturing them with food, especially home-baked goods.  There's no better feeling than to watch them sit down at the table, devour a dish, … [Read more...]

Apricot Rice Pudding Pops

      Thank you Electrolux for sponsoring my post about secret kitchen timesavers! Now that you know the basics, visit and click on the I [Heart] Induction tab, to learn why Chef Johnny Iuzzini “hearts” induction and check out all the benefits of induction cooking. This past year has been memorable. I never thought I’d be spending so much time in the kitchen.  And, while I admit what happened to me is unbelievable (the slow transformation from a kitchen-clueless to … [Read more...]