Video: How to Make Homemade Guacamole



One of my biggest aha moments in the kitchen was when I realized that I could make homemade guacamole for a fraction of the cost of the store-bought varieties AND, it tastes great!

Once I learned what an avocado actually looks like and how to select the perfectly ripe fruit, I haven’t stopped making batches of fresh, creamy guacamole.

In fact, raid my kitchen any week and I’ve always got at least 4 ripe avocados on the counter top and another 3-4 unripe avocados ripening in a brown paper bag in one of our kitchen cabinets.

It’s safe to say our homemade guacamole has become a year-round family staple.   It tastes just as refreshing in the summertime after a long hot day in the sun as it does in the fall to compliment Sunday afternoon football games.

The best part?  My kids love helping out.

From scooping out the fleshy meat to grinding the ingredients together with the mortar and pestle to carefully adding the right amount of sea salt and hot sauce, making homemade guacamole is our new hobby.

Once you make your first batch yourself, there’s no way you’ll ever go back to store bought.  The freshness and creaminess is simply unparalleled.

Don’t believe me? You must see for yourself.

Enjoy the video.

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  1. Great video and recipe too!

  2. Lovely video. It really helps in understanding better.

  3. great job shari, i’m hungry now for your homemade guac! i know first hand how good it is

  4. Looooove this video! My hubby loves guac and mex food in general! Now I can suprise him with this 🙂

  5. Cutting an avocado is my favorite thing to teach people. It’s life changing! Also, homemade guac is so much better for you than store bought-way less salt and other “food like substances”. Yay! Can’t wait to try this recipe.

    • Cristie » would you believe I just learned last summer when I made that video. I really did spend all that money purchasing ready-made guac and it tasted gross


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