Sesame Chicken

Taking matters into my own hands, I figured I'd try to recreate our favorite Sesame Chicken recipe from our local Chines restaurant.  Living in NYC, it's way too easy have to have food delivered or take out and you can get quite lazy about cooking. But, when you actually read the ingredient list for this recipe, there aren't many items that you probably don't already have in your stocked pantry, and the cooking instructions are simple. Who doesn't want to have another celebrated chicken recipe to add to their meal repertoire? I'm not … [Read more...]

Asian Chicken Pasta

My mom was such a great cook, it felt like she was never in a bind to come up with something delicious for dinnertime.  Every dish that graced our table seemed labor-instensive, as if she struggled for the better part of the afternoon over the preparations.  At least, that's how I remember our meals.  On the contrary, mom was always working one job, and maybe one job plus a side business, so I know she was probably totally jammed after work and before dinner.  And, my dad was always home for meal time expecting a home-cooked meal so I'm certain … [Read more...]

Fried Rice

When it comes to my kids and eating, I can guarantee three items they’ll NEVER pass up: pizza, pasta and rice.  As I’ve gotten more confident in my kitchen, I’ve taken more risks with these go-to meals.  On pizza I’ve added homemade pesto sauce.  To accompany pasta I’ve added peas and sautéed shrimp.  And with rice I’ve added grilled fruits and nuts.  So far, so good.  However, even with this burst of “culinary creativity,” I’ve never once attempted Fried Rice.  For some reason, I always felt like I couldn’t measure up--that dish was always … [Read more...]