Flank Steak with Dry Mustard Marinade

I recently traveled to Panasonic's Headquarters to learn about (and to test run) their myriad kitchen appliances. From the Panasonic Microwave with its inverter technology: to the Flash Xpress Toaster Oven (that doesn't require any preheating):   we witnessed an entire holiday meal come together in the blink of an eye. I especially fell in love with the Panasonic Blender with its electrostatic touch sensor, 10-speeds, six preset menus, and its ice jacket accessory (perfect for smoothies in the summer). Of … [Read more...]

A Curated #Thanksgiving Meal

Whether you're hosting a Thanksgiving feast or you're merely a guest required to bring an assigned dish, I've curated some recipe favorites from the blog to help fill in the blanks and take the stress out of the meal prep. You can take your pick from appetizers to sides to main dishes to desserts.  I promise you'll find tasty, easy to make recipes.  After all, if I can make them, anyone can. So why not plan ahead and get cooking? And remember to celebrate FOOD and family, and to give thanks. APPETIZERS Baked Brie Hot Crab … [Read more...]

Holiday Mantras

With the holidays upon us, I thought I'd share a little hit list* I usually reference to help me keep myself on track, so that I don't feel like I should resign myself to loose-fitting sweat pants to welcome in the New Year and beyond. Everything in moderation is my year-round mantra but, I love addressing these too: SHAKE MORE THAN YOUR SALT!   Exercise helps to maintain a healthy weight, good cholesterol and blood pressure. “The Surgeon General recommends moderate-intensity activity for at least 150 minutes per week,” says Caroline … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Pot Roast

photo credit: when the dinner bell rings I’m in Thanksgiving mode right now.  I’ve been catching myself leafing through the tab with Mom’s recipes earmarked  “dishes to compliment a Thanksgiving feast! “  I was so eager and even more intimidated when I found some scribbled Pot Roast instructions. I must admit, in the past year I’ve definitely gotten more comfortable handling big slabs of raw meat.  I cooked my first Flank Steak (and have cooked about 10 since).  I’ve braised my first brisket.  I’ve cleaned and roasted a whole chicken.  I’ve … [Read more...]