Wholly Guacamole!

There have been many lessons learned these past four days without power in the wake of Hurricane Irene.  One lesson: how quickly food spoils when you don’t have a working refrigerator or freezer!  But, as I have been preaching all along, you have to try to make lemonade from lemons.  That meant taking a full survey of our pantry items to see how far we could stretch our dry meals over the duration of the blackout.  Lucky for everyone, my new found love affair with avocados helped us relish in some amazing guacamole.  Actually, the guacamole was so fresh and tasty, we almost forgot we were eating in a dark muggy kitchen; we felt as if we had been transported to a hacienda in Mexico.

I’m not ashamed to admit that three months prior, I had never handled an avocado.  I had never purchased an avocado. I couldn’t even spell avocado correctly.  Now, all I want to do is eat anything containing avocado. I’m even considering patenting an avocado mask for facial deep cleansing.  My favorite new purchases are my traditional Molcajete (that’s a volcanic rock mortar with pestle) and a handy avocado slicer (I’m a sucker for gadgets). And, there are always at least three avocados on hand in the kitchen for any impromptu guacamole sessions.

Volcanic Molcajete

avocado slicer

Ah, the guacamole!  I could eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Follow this recipe and you’ll be sure to impress your guests.  They’ll realize how long they’ve been in the dark and how quickly they can eat a bowl full of dip…

Ingredient love in the Molcajete...

Fresh Guacamole....ready to be eaten!


Do you have a favorite dip that can be made during a blackout? (i.e. no refrigerated ingredients and doesn’t require refrigeration).


  1. where did you get your avocado slicer???? I love it!!!

  2. Heather Grice says:

    Hi! I was wondering where I could find that avocado slicer!! I’m a sucker for some guac and I would love to find that!!

    • Heather Grice » heather. I honestly don’t remember where I purchased it. I think it was a specialty store in the Hamptons. But, if you do a search on Google, you should be able to find. let me check

  3. Great Story and LOVE the Gucamole too!

  4. hello. where can i find your avocado slicer, do you know the brand?

    • katia » OMG – I bought it last year….and totally don’t remember the brand. Will double check and get back to you


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